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Reviewer: Tabby from the Shopping Wives blog- HI! I am Tabitha, you can call me Tabby though! I am the happy southern blogger that started Shopping Wives. Where can you find me when I am not blogging? More then likely I will be somewhere around social networking & drinking my coffee. (Yes, I am addicted to coffee , Heavy on the aspartame & international delight please). I am also an animal lover. My husband John & I are the proud parents of 9 adopted cats & 2 German Shepard Dogs.

Product reviewed: MENTAL AGILITY, Boost series

Date of Review: May 28, 2014

What Tabby has to say:

“These are easy to take as well. You just take 1 capsule with a meal each day. I had no side effects after taking them. My worst problem was remembering to take them, No pun intended there haha but after the first couple days it just became a habit. So far there hasn’t been a drastic difference and I like that. I wasn’t Einstein when I was younger so I don’t expect to be one now. If you are looking for a natural way to improve your cognitive performance, if dates and names are getting harder to remember, then maybe these would be good for you too!”

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