Non-GMO – Does it Matter?

You have probably noticed that more and more products are displaying the Non-GMO Project verified seal on front of their packaging. Has this increased your awareness about genetically modified organisms (GMO)? Maybe it has created more questions or concerns. Should we have the right to know if food our contain GMOs on a label? Perhaps you question if it even matters.

October is the official Non-GMO month; chances are you will see lots of opinions, variety of facts, and plenty of stories.

While much is still to be researched, studied, and discussed, one fact that’s hard to miss is – GMO plants and seeds are not a result of natural crossbreeding. We love science, and what has been accomplished is quite amazing if you think about it, but just like we love (and benefit from) cars, we need to have rules on how to drive them safely or it can end very badly. Perhaps we need to do more ‘test driving’ with GMOs before irreversible problems happen.
Did you know many countries have already banned GM seeds and foods? In addition, some have very strict regulations! Here in the United States, 70-80% of food we consume contains GMO, most of which is processed food. Whether you choose GMO or Non-GMO, remember that we vote every time we go grocery shopping. Make the power of your dollar go far by picking brands that proudly sport the Non-GMO Project Verified seal on their packaging.

Non-GMO Project Verified
While science, government, and organizations are doing more ‘test-driving’ in GM field, we here at HERBTHEORY, have chosen to use plants just the way Mother Nature intended – GMO-free. HERBTHEORY is proud to be Non-GMO Project Verified. Check out complete HERBTHEORY product list with Non-GMO Project Verification seal.

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