Motherhood Moment – Product Review

Reviewer: “Motherhood Moment” – I am a work-at-home mother of one. The purpose of this blog is not necessarily to be an all-inclusive list of freebies or tips in any category, but rather a “works for me” list of what I actually do, or things local to the Twin Cities area. Anything on this website is something that I have judged to be worth the effort. I hope you enjoy – feedback is always appreciated!

Product reviewed: WEIGHT MANAGEMENT, Boost series

Date of Review: August 21, 2013

What “Motherhood Moment” has to say:

“…As a company, they have a clear sense of social consciousness, which is nice to see. And unlike weight management supplements that contain a lot of caffeine, I didn’t feel jittery or anything. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly weight supplement, consider Sainthood. They also have a range of supplements for cognitive function, blood glucose, heart health, stress and sleep, menopause, and urinary tract health…”

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