Mom’s Favorite Stuff – Product Review

Reviewer: “Jodi Grundig” – resides in Massachusetts with her husband, six-year old son, eight-year old daughter, shelter cat, and Havanese puppy. She’s been writing about family finances, travel, food, mom beauty, and products here at Mom’s Favorite Stuff since 2007.

Product reviewed: STRESS & SLEEP, Solution series

Date of Review: August 16, 2013

What “Jodi Grundig” has to say:

“…My initial concern with the Stress & Sleep formula was that it might make me drowsy. But it’s a very subtle effect, and I didn’t feel tired at all. I have had some recent sleep difficulties, and while this didn’t completely knock me out, it did help in relaxing me. I’m definitely looking forward to trying some of the other formulations – including the Heart & LDL formula and the Weight Management formula…”

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