Independent Mami – Product Review

Reviewer: “Independent Mami” – I am a mother RUNNER!!Family, Fun and Fitness is my thing! I am always looking to stay within my budget, give my opinions on anything and everything. These are the days of my crazy life.

Product reviewed: WEIGHT MANAGEMENT, Boost series

Date of Review: August 16, 2013

What “Independent Mami” has to say:

“… I have not felt sick. You take them with food which is great because I have tried many pills and tell all make me feel sick. Some have even made me throw up. Since these pills are suppose to be a boost, I don’t expect to be high school skinny but I know they have been helping me be successful at maintaining my weight these past weeks. With a clean diet, and the Herb Theory Boost-Weight Management, I have already lost 4 pounds. I have been walking in the afternoons but I normally do this. I also have been clean eating consistently and counting my calories…”

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