How to Stay Thankful Year-round

After the Thanksgiving feast is over and done with, it is easy to fall out of the habit of gratitude. Being thankful, on a daily basis, can help reduce stress and increase overall happiness. But how do we keep this habit year round? Here are 5 tips to help you stay thankful year-round.

  1. Create a list of things that you are already thankful for, then add to it.

Having a “go to” list of things in your life – like family, friends, your health – is an easy way to keep the gratitude flowing year round. Of course, you have to add to this to make it last all 12 months!

  1. Share with your partner

Or friends, family, co-worker, mother – anyone! Share what you appreciate about people with them, not only will it help you practice ongoing gratitude, it will also make their day! Hearing positive things goes a long way for our confidence and mood.

  1. Look in the details

You can be thankful for tiny things as well as big things. Recognizing that you are thankful for something like the weekly phone call you have with your relative can help lift your spirits just as much as major things in your life. Sometimes the small things are just as great as the big ones.

  1. Have a gratitude mantra

Every morning, say a simple verse like “I am thankful that I am awake and healthy this morning.” It can be a great boost in the morning and help you start your days off on a positive note.

  1. Live in the moment

Being able to appreciate every moment for what it is and surround yourself with it is the strongest way to stay thankful year-round. This very moment is all we really have, so living in this very moment can help you enjoy what is happening and open your eyes to things you may not have come to appreciate before.

Living a life of happiness and gratitude is a choice. We choose how we are feeling, so feel grateful! Make a conscious decision to appreciate the positive in your life and you will be able to stay grateful year-round!

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