Healthy Life Lessons – Product Review

Reviewer: “Erica Berman” – I live in Toronto with my husband and two daughters – Big A, (born in 2006) and Little A, (born in 2009). I have been working as a fitness instructor and personal trainer for over 18 years (since high school!).

Product reviewed: STRESS & SLEEP, Solution series

Date of Review: October 9, 2013

What “Erica Berman” has to say:

“…I’ve been feeling particularly stressed the last few weeks because of work, the new school year beginning (meaning mornings are even more rushed), and having to start organizing the girls’ daycare’s fundraiser in November. While I’ve been sleeping, my quality of sleep has sucked. My wild, crazy dreams are more vivid than usual and I wake up feeling like I’ve run a marathon rather than slept. What I’ve found is that when I take these pills, I sleep much more soundly and feel awesome the next day. Holy cow! “

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