Feeling Self-Conscious This Summer?

The time has come, my dear friends! Summer is here! Okay, so maybe some of us aren’t as “bikini ready” as others, and just MAYBE we didn’t even think twice when we inhaled those delicious cookies we had for breakfast – ha! Woops! – But there is no need to shy away this summer because you’re self-conscious of your body! There are simple ways to help boost your self-esteem so you can rock this summer, no matter your color, size or shape!

The first is very simple, but absolutely vital to positive self-image: Think positive thoughts. Sounds easy, right? Right… but easier said than done. If you haven’t noticed, our inner voice is typically our harshest critic. We need to replace the voice saying that we can’t, aren’t, shouldn’t, will never and replace it with can, am, should, will. Constantly keeping your thoughts positive will change your mindset.

Another very simple way to help improve your self-confidence this summer is to take a time out. No, not the “time out” we used to get in grade school… This kind of time out is to give you a break from the constant texting, emailing, driving, and thinking! Take 10 minutes (yes… 10 minutes) and sit somewhere quiet, alone, and just be. Stare at the beautiful trees/flowers or close your eyes and zone out for a little bit. Picture a beach. Don’t worry. Don’t talk. No cell phones. Just sit (outside, preferably) and recharge your batteries. Can’t find a “quiet place?” Put on those headphones and listen to gentle, relaxing music. You will be amazed at how just taking a small time out can help refresh your outlook and give you the extra boost that you need to get through your chaotic day! Take time for yourself. You deserve it!

There is one thing that every Miss USA winner has in common, (no, not hair extensions…) every single one said affirmations. Affirmations are very easy to do and you can do them whenever and where ever you want! Say strong words about yourself, to yourself. For example: “I am beautiful, I am strong, I am worth it.” It’s as simple as that! You can say whatever you need to hear. The trick is to say it over and over, every day. It will become second nature and you will start believing yourself. Because you ARE beautiful, you ARE strong and you ARE worth it, so tell yourself!

Another fool-proof way to boost your self-esteem is to change up your diet. You will feel better about yourself when you eat better, more nourishing foods. We’re not saying that you need to go vegan if that’s not your thing, but adding extra veggies to your dinner and eating fruit instead of candy will go a long way! Not only is there potential that you’ll lose a little extra weight with this healthy (and easy!) change, but your body will feel better!

So before you freak out because the summer months are upon us, relax and remember these simple and easy ways to give yourself a little confidence boost, so you can strut your stuff all summer long!

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