The Celebrity Cafe – Product Review

Product reviewed: STRESS & SLEEP, Solution series & MENTAL AGILITY, Boost series

Date of Review: October 9, 2013

What “D. Connolly” has to say:

“…So, now that he has taken these supplements for about a month he says that he does feel more focused. He is in the midst of starting a new business and juggling lots of activities and while I still have to remind him of certain things I feel as though he is following through better than usual. “

“…My husband again was a willing guinea pig and I can attest he has been sleeping much better since starting this. He is under a lot of stress with work and would toss and turn most nights. I have noticed he appears to be sleeping much more deeply, and if my needing to wake him after the kids are up is any indication – this supplement certainly works!”

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