• The Alkaline Detox Diet

    One of the most important and popular detox diets in the health world is the raw alkaline diet. Made popular by socialite/designer Victoria Beckham in 2013, the alkaline diet is great way to cleanse your body the natural way. Each day we come in contact many harmful toxins that enter the body, consuming a raw diet (even temporarily) will assist you on getting your PH balance back on track and a healthy detoxification.

    The diet consists of 80% uncooked raw and natural food that will help in detoxifying the system, so try avoiding processed foods, all meats, most grains, coffee, and dairy products. Foods you should include into your diet are green leafy vegetables, lemons, carrots, raw almonds, and more.


    During this detox period, try creating vegan-friendly food dishes and drinks like green smoothies, salads, tofu, and more.

    Foods to Eat:

    • Lemons and Limes
    • Leafy Greens
    • Carrots
    • Dried Figs and Raisins
    • Green Beans and Legumes
    • Raw Almonds
    • Herbal Tea




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