About Us


We are a passionate, small company dedicated to helping customers achieve and sustain their wellness goals through the use of effective, high-quality natural products.

Our Mission

HERBTHEORY® strives to offer the modern day consumer herbal remedies based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and validated by Western clinical technology. Our “East meets West” approach enables us to unify the best of both worlds – combining modern research and innovation with traditional knowledge to create effective, natural products based on time-tested herbal formulations.

The Cause

The preservation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is becoming an increasingly urgent matter. As Western medical science becomes mainstream among the younger Chinese generation, interest in ancestral traditions are fading – despite proven effectiveness.

TCM is a 2,000 year old legacy that has influenced various medicinal practices worldwide, expanding far beyond Asia. It is an integral piece of our global heritage. Our goal is to maintain this living history and prevent its valuable wisdom from becoming a distant memory.

In an effort to preserve this Eastern knowledge, we apply leading Western scientific techniques to research, test, and refine deep-rooted TCM herbal formulations. By utilizing this unique approach, we aim to instill consumer confidence in TCM efficacy, and demonstrate that Eastern & Western philosophies can be artfully interwoven to further evolve our understanding of health and wellness.


We select all of our TCM formulators based on expertise and extent of experience. Our formulators are required to be doctors or medical professors.

All of our facilities are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified.

Our products are non-GMO, vegan and 100% gluten free; Formulated without preservatives, soy, artificial colorings, artificial fillers, or stearates.

100% of our supplements adhere to the following testing standards: Heavy Metal Testing, Identity Testing (HPLC, HPTLC, and TLC), and Microbial Analysis. These advanced procedures ensure that our highly effective herbal supplements surpass current safety guidelines and quality standards.

This is HERBTHEORY®. Artfully improving health through science.